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The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme – In their own words

Junior YouthThe period between the ages of 12 to 14 represents a special time in the life of an individual, for it is during these years that he or she leaves childhood behind and undergoes profound change.  The Pasadena Baha’i Community is engaging junior youth in programs that seek to enhance their spiritual and intellectual capacities and will prepare them to participate effectively in the affairs of their communities. Groups of 10 to 15 junior youth are formed and facilitated by trained individuals, who serve as mentors and role models. The themes the participants often study revolve around cooperation, unity, service to humanity, truthfulness, striving for excellence in their lives and for the community, and justice.

Junior Youth Group Pasadena

Junior Youth celebrating after volunteering at the MS Walk in Pasadena

Here is one recent account from a participant in the classes Stephanie Jimenez, who asked to write about her experience:

What, may you ask, is a Junior Youth Group? My take on this wonderful program is that it’s a guide to help lead youth between the ages of 11-14 onto the “right” path. Everyone around the world has experienced at one point in this age range feeling a bit lost. We’re trying to find out who we are, what we want to be, and what the correct decisions in life are. This is where the Junior Youth Group Spiritual Empowerment Program comes in handy. The animators that take part in the Program stand as “heroes” or someone that youth can look up too. It’s really important to show good virtues and qualities to whom we are teaching/guiding.

In the Junior Youth Group that I am currently in, I have seen the amazing differences it has brought into my friends and the community I live in. I am very happy to say, that because of this Program, my friends are able to help out the community through service projects, and have learned how to decipher a bad deed from a good deed. It’s changed our view on life, and has taught us to be detached from material things. We’ve learned from the choices we make every day, and analyze how we can help out our neighbors. These experiences have helped us become like a family, being able to talk to each other whenever something bothers us, and confiding in one another.

This program itself reaches out to people’s hearts. Parents get to see their children growing up into wonderful leaders, and the youth themselves get to learn how to express their feelings, the true meaning of helping out others, and the wonderful bonds that can be made by showing kind virtues to their fellow friends.

I, myself, am very thankful for the change it has brought to my life. If it wasn’t for this program and my wonderful animators, I wouldn’t be appreciating the wonderful things that life has to give us. It has given me a desire to reach out to people’s hearts just like this one touched mine.
Want to find out more? Check out this video for an example of Junior Youth Groups in Action from North Carolina.
For more information about how to enroll or become an animator email: ATC@SGVCLUSTER.ORG

Pasadena Young Adult Devotional Gathering

dev-3What is a devotional gathering? Simply put, it’s a prayer meeting. Friends gathering at another friend’s home. The young adults (in their 20’s & 30’s) of Pasadena get together to say prayers on a Sunday night, to start their week all right.

The power of prayer is amazing. It’s what renews you when you have no energy or strength. It also allows you to accomplish great things when you put your affairs in God’s hands.


Here is an example of a Baha’i prayer, revealed by Abdu’l-Baha:

“Make firm our steps, O Lord, in Thy path and strengthen Thou our hearts in Thine obedience. Turn our faces toward the beauty of Thy oneness, and gladden our bosoms with the signs of Thy divine unity. Adorn our bodies with the robe of Thy bounty, and remove from our eyes the veil of sinfulness, and give us the chalice of Thy grace; that the essence of all beings may sing Thy praise before the vision of Thy grandeur. Reveal then Thyself, O Lord, by Thy merciful utterance and the mystery of Thy divine being, that the holy ecstasy of prayer may fill our souls—a prayer that shall rise above words and letters and transcend the murmur of syllables and sounds—that all things may be merged into nothingness before the revelation of Thy splendor.

Lord! These are servants that have remained fast and firm in Thy Covenant and Thy Testament, that have held fast unto the cord of constancy in Thy Cause and clung unto the hem of the robe of Thy grandeur. Assist them, O Lord, with Thy grace, confirm them with Thy power and strengthen their loins in obedience to Thee.

Thou art the Pardoner, the Gracious.”