About Us

The Pasadena Baha’i community likes to be of service to the larger community.  We offer:

  • Classes for Children (5-11)
  • Junior Youth Groups (12-15)
  • Prayer Gatherings (where people of all Faiths are welcome)
  • Study classes to investigate the nature of the soul, and other topics
  • Fireside chats

We also like to volunteer at and collaborate with:

  • Union Station Misson
  • The Western Justice Center
  • Pasadena Sister Cities
  • YWCA Racial Justice Committee
  • Black History Parade / Jackie Robinson Center
  • Worcester Street Christmas Posada
  • Interfaith Group of Pasadena
  • Human Relations Commission events
  • United Nations Association of the Foothills
  • Pasadena Unified School District
  • anything with Neighborhood Connections
  • and more!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a center yet, but this is our virtual home.  So welcome!

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6 responses to “About Us

  1. Mona Shahgholi

    A great beginning! Thank you!

  2. Eric Kreitzer

    Am a Baha’i from New York who will be in your area at the time of the next Feast and request information as to where and when it will be held.

  3. I attended someone’s home, maybe 10 15 years ago in Pasadena. At that time, Bahai was just being introduced, well at least to me. Is there a temple somewhere? I am interested in returning

  4. Hi Yolanda,

    Email me, and we can either meet for coffee, and share with you events or you can come Wednesday night to 725 South Arden, home of the Judges Nelson, a little before 8; meetings called firesides; introductory presentations of the Baha’i Faith; my husband and I will be speaking.

    Meeting begins at 8, refreshments at 9; questions and answers and out by 10.

    Regards, esther

  5. Dr. Donald Francis Addison


    Thomas Reginald Raschel was a fellow Baha’i soldier when I was in the US Army at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas in the mid-1960s. He died in Vietnam and for 44 years, I have kept his memory and thoughts of his sacrifice alive. I wanted to share with others that these veteran “heroes” should be honored rather than forgotten.

    He was my best friend and he was kind of a “big-brother” and he taught me a great deal. He was a little older than me and seemed to understand how immature I was and how to give me spiritual support and how much I needed someone to help me connect with the other Baha’i servicemen. He loved the Baha’i Faith and he loved people–he taught me a lot about how to live the Baha’i life and how to deepen and teach others. His death was a severe trauma for me. I couldn’t understand why someone with so much promise could be “taken” from us at such an early age.

    For 44 years I have looked for Tommy’s relatives or friends who still survive and I finally “discovered” his niece who was likewise thrilled to find out I had known Tommy so well in the army. We are sharing memories over the email and it has brought me a whole new flood of inner healing and making peace within myself regarding Tommy’s death.

    TOMMY TOLD ME THAT HE WAS FROM PASADENA but he was buried in Albuquerque, NM. Maybe other Baha’is on this site “might” have known Tommy, way back in the 1960s. If so, please connect back with me at

    Loving regards,

    Don Addison, Ph. D.

  6. Hello, my name is Jim Dennis, a Bahai from Stockton CA.
    I have just created a Bahai inspired website that I wanted to share with you.
    Please forward it to those who are ready to receive this message.
    Feedback is welcomed.


    thank you

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