Back in the Saddle again (almost)…

Big Cheese SleepingHi there,

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote. But I had to take a break.

Summer vacation from the blog is a much needed thing.  Writing can be draining, especially if one has a demanding full-time job.

No vacation from said demanding job, though.  Too many vacations in ’08.   But I napped when I could.  

According to my doctor, I should stay in bed one day a month.  I asked doc if I was ill.  Doc said, “No, but you crazy advertising folks are way too overstimulated with your computers, iPhones, etc. that it’s actually more exhausting that physical labor.  You need to disconnect.” 

No prob, doc!

I couldn’t stop thinking about the events in Iran however.  Which, of course, drew me back to the blog.

Untanned, rested, and ready (to write)!

Your correspondent,

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