Freed journalist Roxana Saberi mentions meeting Baha’is while in Evin Prison, Tehran

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4 responses to “Freed journalist Roxana Saberi mentions meeting Baha’is while in Evin Prison, Tehran

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  2. Roxana mentioned the Baha’is again in the Washington Post:

    “I also got to know two Baha’i female leaders, who along with five male colleagues have been detained for more than a year without trial. While peacefully pursuing the religious rights of Iran’s largest non-Muslim religious minority, they have been accused of spying for Israel and ‘spreading corruption on earth,’ charges punishable by death.”


  3. In 1980, I had just returned to college/aka university, and taking fledgling steps towards literary criticism understanding and writing. I met Mohi Sabani, a wonderful loving man, whom i had run into over the years. He wanted me to write a biography about him, but alas, alack, i was simply not technically up to the craft.

    He told me his story, during the time Americans were hostage, he was held hostage also – there was no publicity. He was Irananian born, but he was an American citizen, and was doing some computer type work in Iran.

    He was in Evin Prison for quite a long time, and his story compelling. He was finally released and couldn’t leave the country. Somehow, he, and his wife, and possible a small child (girl) escaped from Iran, and I think at one point his wife or child had to hide in huge saddlebags.

    Mohi has since passed, and I hope some day whoever has his manuscript can write about him. There are so many unsung heros, and he is one of them.

  4. I just heard her on PRI’s “The World” this past Thursday. She was saying that the Baha’is in prison had taught her songs that helped her keep her spirits up, the segment was called “Roxana Saberi’s Music”

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