Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers!

Flowers and Candles

In response the situation of the seven falsely imprisoned Baha’is in Iran (read:, we held a devotional gathering to say prayers for their well-being on Thursday, February 19th at the Western Justice Center.  4o were in attendance.  Program was:

It was a deeply spiritual atmosphere.  I wish you could have been there!

2 responses to “Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers!

  1. Mona Shahgholi

    This was a very special meeting, and much needed, not just for those Baha’is who live in Iran but also for the American Baha’i community that has to watch these injustices brought on to its sister community. The readings and prayers were moving and straight from the heart. The biographies of those arrested were touching and sweet. Someone shared the thought that we should never be silent when we become aware of injustice, and rightfully so. I think we walked away knowing that we were more connected to our sisters and brothers, and more resolved to work on betterment of the world.

  2. Your website is great, love the picture of the Colorado Bridge. thank you for the pictures of your special meeting. Bill and I miss Pasadena a lot at the moment. Chico, Ca had an event which was lovely too; and we were all one soul and heart. We had Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and prayers in all traditions, plus Baha’i prayers. Someone took pictures. We must always speak out.

    stay wonderful – esther

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